December 31, 2019

Rosseti installs more than a thousand photovoltaic panels in Vila de Rei

Rosseti Engenharia, a company that operates in the renewable energy sector, started this week a new project of installation of to install photovoltaic production units in Vila de Rei, namely in a few number of infrastructures in the this municipality of Castelo Branco’s district. More than a thousand solar panels will be installed in a total of eleven production units, including a car parking lot that will be fully covered with photovoltaic panels. Other locations include Vila de Rei’s city building, José Cardoso Pires’ Municipal Library, the Wastewater Treatment Station, the swimming pool complex and the sports stadium, among others. This project is already underway and is included in a sustainable long-term energy strategy by the city of Vila de Rei that focus on renewable energies to increase efficiency and to cut costs as well as to reduce the environmental impacts and climate change.

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