February 4, 2020

Rosseti builds 30MW Solar Farm in Mexeeiro

Rosseti Engenharia assured the construction and installation of a photovoltaic park in Mexeeiro, Santarém district, starting this Tuesday, March 24th, the works. It is a remarkable project in the scope of the increasingly renewable energy world with an installed capacity of 30 MW.

This Solar Farm will be performed to the client Generg – important player with a considerable portfolio in the renewable energy -, and will take place in the municipality of Salvaterra de Magos, in Ribatejo. The contract was recently signed, and Rosseti Engenharia’s experience was relevant to carry out the contract.

Mexeeiro Solar Farm will consist in a total of 80,000 photovoltaic solar panels in tracker structures, equivalent to the capacity of more than 30 MW. This project will produce more than 45 GWh of energy per year, exclusively from the light and heat of the sun, which will supply more than 35 thousand people.

Together with the installation of the 80 000 solar panels, Rosseti Engenharia will build an substation and control building for electrical distribution.

Pedro Martins, Rosseti General Manager, emphasis the importance of the company carrying out this work. “The production of solar energy in Portugal is growing from year to year, having doubled in the last 5 years. We want and will certainly be one of the companies that will contribute to the increase in this growth ”, he says.

The assurance of this work constitutes an important moment of affirmation for Rosseti Engenharia, a company with more than 3125 MW of energy installed all over the world, which is also increasingly a reference brand in the Portuguese market.

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