August 31, 2020

Rosseti installs more than 91 thousand solar panels in Jaíba Photovoltaic Park

Rosseti Engenharia will start a new photovoltaic project in Brazil, more precisely in Jaíba – Minas Gerais. This project will begin this week, and consists in the electromechanical installation of more than 91 thousand solar panels. This is a large scale project, which will have 36.9 MW of installed capacity. The Jaíba Photovoltaic Complex will make the city of Minas Gerais the Brazilian city with the biggest solar energy production, a good indicator of the importance of this project – in which Rosseti will have a crucial role. In total, Rosseti Engenheira will install 91620 solar panels supported by 764 trackers. The Jaíba III Photovoltaic Park will be built over the span of two months, and approximately one hundred co-workers of our company will be involved in this project. The installation of the Jaíba III Photovoltaic Park also marks the beginning of our work with the client Tozzi LATAM, constituting an important step with a reference player in the solar area.

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