September 4, 2020

Rosseti Engenharia concludes installation of wind towers in La Roch

Rosseti Engenharia completed the mechanical installation of La Roch wind farm, in France, with the operation of the last wind turbine in this wind farm.

The aforementioned wind towers were installed under the responsibility of Rosseti Engenharia, as evidenced by Nordex, client of this project, that refers Rosseti’s capacity of work, largely due to the conditions in which this project was developed.

“I would like to thank in particular Rosseti team, who completed the mechanical assembly of the last wind turbine, carrying out work that sometimes had to be carried out very uncommon and quite unbelievable conditions like the free bulls running nearby “, says.

In the image it’s possible to see six of the wind towers installed by Rosseti Engenharia.

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