August 3, 2021

Floods in Germany interfere with the work of Rosseti Engenharia

The Rosetti Engenharia team, which was developing yet another wind project in Germany, saw the work suspended in the context of the natural disaster that hit the western part of the country.

The floods had no repercussions on the work of Rosseti or on the work team, but made it impossible for the project to proceed as usual.

Considered one of the most serious natural disasters in recent years, the floods that were felt in Germany caused several human and material damages and reinforce, once again, the need to rethink consumption habits.

The climate changes that have taken place and that have been accentuated in recent times, force that more and more use of renewable energies and the saving of the planet’s resources.

Rosseti Engenharia is concerned with the planet and the resources it has to offer.