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Rosseti Engenharia was founded in the early´s 2008 as a small family construction company specialized on earth movements, concrete dams reparations and grouting.

Its value was quickly recognized in the market and nowadays the company iis a multinational company that provides integrated services in EPC/BOP/BOS systems, with a special emphasis on the construction of wind farms, solar and mini-hydro systems. Focused on customer satisfaction, providing exclusive services, implementing new projects and maintenance of existing ones, in order to ensure excellence and quality in the production of renewable energy - wind, solar and hydro, and operating at all stages of the process, optimization, construction, electrical and mechanical installation.

Nowadays, we accumulate more than 2,5GW of experience.

Our Brands

Rosseti Engenharia operates in the renewable energy sector.

With highly qualified staff Rosseti can provide to our clientes all the scope regarding wind, solar energy and small hydro.

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Rosseti Engenharia presents solutions to satisfy our clients on Civil Engineering and Electromechanical, providing unique services, as well as operations and maintenance, in order to guarantee the excellency and quality in renewable energy production – wind, solar, photovoltaic and hydroelectric.

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Rosseti Engenharia is a certified company in several areas, such as for NP EN ISO 9001: 2015; ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018. Is also a certified BASF and SIKA applicator company.